Why should vampires and werewolves get all the shine? Monsters are back! And they’re tired of being misunderstood.  They enjoy the occasional smoke and a pint, listening to records, and hanging out with their best mates—in between terrorizing the townspeople, that is.  Well, do you like everything about YOUR job? Here are 10 shirts that showcase monsters great and small .
Above "Reg & Merle" by kinkyminx
"A boy and his Grogg" by Bleee 
"Monster Food Chain" by tuism 
"Clive the Bunyip" by Damien Mason 
"BFFs" by franx 
"Bunny Rabid Hot Version" by jjdegrade 
"Chromeface" by fargalex 
"Space Man Part of the Hungry Monsters Collection" by onemonster 
"Burden Cosy Shirt" by beastman 
"I’m Hungry" by BootsBoots
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